Comparative Literature and English Association of Graduate Students Constitution (2014)

CoLEAGS is an organization designed to improve the academic, professional, and social experience of all graduate students in the Department of English and Comparative Literature through effective advocacy, organization, and planning.

 Accomplishing this mission involves the following activities:

  • Understanding the concerns of graduate students and advocating to see that those concerns are addressed; this is accomplished through periodic surveys of and Town Hall Meetings among the graduate students, as well as informal discussions with graduate students about issues of concern to them.
  • Facilitating effective, professional, and collegial communication between graduate students and members of the faculty and administration; this is accomplished in part through regular meetings with the department’s Director of Graduate Studies and through CoLEAGS’ appointment of a representative to sit in on appropriate departmental faculty meetings.
  • Organizing events that foster professionalization among graduate students, including the Graduate Colloquium series, the Grad Forum, and the departmental Symposium.
  • Organizing events that enrich the intellectual environment of the program.  This is accomplished through CoLEAGS’ sponsorship of the Critical Speakers Series, the Boundaries of Literature symposium, and the Furst Forum; all of these activities foster contact between UNC’s graduate students and excellent scholars from other universities.
  • Planning social events to build a sense of community and provide opportunities to network with other graduate students and faculty, including the annual departmental Pig Picking celebration.

 CoLEAGS Officers 2020-2021

President: Theodore Nollert
ENGL Vice President: Rory Sullivan
CMPL Vice President: Zachary Metzger
Treasurer: Jared Powell
Furst Forum Coordinators: Sejal Mahendru and Erik Maloney
Social Chairs: Hannah Montgomery and Erica Sabelawski
Webmaster: Carly Schnitzler
Advocacy Chair: Hannah Skjellum
Boundaries Coordinator: Tyler Bunzey
Third Year Colloquium Coordinator: David Hall
Mentoring Coordinator: Savannah Foreman
Grad Forum Coordinator: Margaret Maurer
GPSF Senator: Eleanor Griggs

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Florence Dore

Dr. Mary Floyd-Wilson, as the Department Chair, meets with CoLEAGS presidents biweekly to keep the organization abreast of developments that might affect graduate students, and, in concert with the CoLEAGS officers, advocates for graduate student needs and concerns to the faculty and administration at large.